Saturday, September 1, 2012

Puran Defrag 7.5 - a free tool to data defragmentation

Regular disk defragmentation speeds up their work, lets not forced to resort to irregular and therefore so long defragmentation. Defragmentation utility Puran Defrag Free Edition - a useful utility that works with OS Windows.

Developer: Puran Software
License: Freeware (Free)
Windows: 8/7 / Vista / XP 32 | 64-bit 
Interface: English
Filename: PuranDefragSetup.exe
Size: 3.5 MB

Download  Puran Defrag (Latest Version)

Program Description

Puran Defrag easily programmed to run automatically, it will do its job in the background. The application also defragments the disk boot sector, which reduces the start-up and load the operating system. Utility can defragment the hard disk designated for specific files, folders, or the area of ​​the disk except for certain files and folders. Also in the utility function is present command line, which is a big advantage for advanced users.

Setting defragmenter, you can refer to the help file that will help you quickly understand the program, run the tools that you need. The first thing that falls look after running Puran Defrag - "Map of Clusters." The user needs to select the drive and run the "Analysis", in colors will be awarded different clusters, and in the tab "Latest information" you can see the result of the analysis. After reading the information, you can select the drive and click - "Defragment."

You can specify the sequence of defragmenting disks, setting one of them "low priority", and use the option "Close the program after defragmentation." In the "Additional Options", you can choose from an extensive list of desired options, noting your choice tick, such as "open spaces of temporary files", delete the files from the defragmentation process, specify the size of files that you want to defragment, filling gaps in sectors with empty data to avoid frequent defragmentation.

You can also use the PIOZR - Puran Intelligent Optimizer, which allows you to speed up your operating system. In the tab "Automatic defragmentation", you can set any defragmentation of your drives, including set the automatic defragmentation by setting the start time of the program, including the defragmentation process.

Puran Defrag allows you to extend Windows, it is a very useful program, you can customize it and once more to her not to come back, but your system and disk maintenance will take place regularly. Disk defragmentation utility that can be run in unattended mode and perform disk defragmentation process on schedule.

Puran Defrag includes directory consolidation to improve performance, optimize the use of space freed, setup automatic defragmentation for certain file types, such as the MFT (Master File Table - "Master File Table"), the function of "low priority" for the choice of the sequence Scan disks, individual files or folders, support for the console from the command line defrag (Console Command Line Defrag); support functions reboot, shutdown after defragmentation, selection and exclusion from the list on the "mask of an object" of various files and folders.

In Puran Defrag 7.5 added the recommended time frame for automatic defragmentation.

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